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Tips for Quick Family Meals – Part 3

Last of the 3-part series, here are tips 5 & 6. I hope you’ve been able to use one or more of these tips with your family meals! Tip #5:  Use recipes with a few ingredients:  What comes to mind is about 5 ingredients. The idea here is that if there are only 5 or […]

Tips for Quick Family Meals – Part 2

I decided to break this into a 3 part series hoping that if I spread out the tips, parents are more likely to be able to incorporate them a few at a time. So here are tips 3 & 4. Tip #3: Freeze Leftovers/Extra: This goes along with Tip #2. While you’re cooking, make extra […]

Tips for Quick Family Meals – Part 1

Tip #1: Keep Meals Simple:  Busy families need meals that are simple to prepare so that dinner is on the table quickly. Three examples that come to mind are rotisserie chicken, frozen turkey meatballs and frozen, grilled chicken breast strips. There’s a lot you can do with these 3 items: Rotisserie chicken can be eaten […]

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