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The Inspiration for the 400 Moms Book

The inspiration for this book came after many years of fellow Moms asking me questions about how I feed my kids.   Knowing that I was a Registered Dietitian and a mother of 3 boys, Moms would ask me food-related questions while watching our kids’ play baseball and soccer or while standing outside of school waiting for the bell to ring.

 Among the many, many conversations, some of the most common questions were:

“Do you allow your kids to eat chips?”

“What do you think of sports drinks?”

“How often do your kids eat Fast Food?”

The short answers are occasionally;  not much;  and about once every 6 months.

The longer, more useful answers you’ll find in the 400 Moms book.

In the midst of one of these conversations, I thought, “I wonder what other Registered Dietitians do?   Would their answers be the same as mine?”    It occurred to me that the ideas and strategies I use might be different than what other Nutrition Experts have found useful, and wouldn’t it be great to share all of these ideas with Moms everywhere, not just in my community!

So I embarked on surveying Registered Dietitians who willingly and graciously answered all of my questions.   Over 400 Nutrition Experts provided input to help make this book a comprehensive “Go-To” guide for Moms like you.

My hope for you is that after reading the 400 Moms book, you will have answers to your questions and simple, practical strategies that help you provide healthier choices to your child.

Here’s to your healthy, thriving child!

Jill West, RD

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