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Superbowl Sunday Food Lineup

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Superbowl Sunday can be a good excuse to overindulge or it can be a healthy celebration, depending on the food choices you make. Whether you are hosting the party or bringing a dish to share, these ideas can help make the party fun and healthy!

Superbowl Sunday Menu Ideas

Veggie & Hummus TrayWe all love finger food during a football game and raw vegetables can be a crunchy snack to keep in the mix of snack options. Carrots, sliced cucumbers, red bell peppers, celery, jicama make for a colorful tray combined with hummus.

Fruit Salad or Satsuma Oranges
If you’re short on time, you can order a fruit tray from the deli section of your store or make your own with watermelon wedges, orange & apple slices, pineapple chunks and grapes. Even easier yet, is setting out a big bowl of easy-to-peel mandarin oranges. Just like the vegetables, they make a great snack and are guaranteed to be eaten if served.

Edamame Another quick & easy snack to serve. Throw them in a bowl and watch them disappear before half-time.

Baked Pita Chips & Fresh SalsaBaked chips and salsa are much lower in fat and calories than traditional potato or tortilla chips served with dips, which trim down the total calories eaten for the day.

Crock Pot MeatballsYou can prepare these before game time so they’re ready at half-time. Your guests can eat them by themselves or on a Hoagie roll as a meatball sandwich.

Turkey Chili A Superbowl party favorite, this chili recipe is healthier because of the added vegetables and beans.

Nutty Apple Crisp If you’re really motivated you can make this dessert that is healthier than pie since it’s crustless, but really tasty served warm with light whipped cream or light vanilla bean ice cream.

Infused WaterMakes a great non-alcoholic beverage. Add citrus fruits (oranges & lemons), cucumbers or strawberries to provide a refreshing alternative.

Enjoy the game and GO PATRIOTS!!!!

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