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Our goal is to get a copy of the 400 Moms book into the hands of every Mom who has a 3 to 12 year old child in the USA.

Word of mouth is the single best way to achieve the lofty goals we’ve set for the 400 Moms book.   We would like to enlist you in our grass-roots Army of people who care about this cause – who want to make a difference in children’s lives.

If you have read the 400 Moms book and think other Moms could benefit from reading it, there are so many ways to help.   Here are a few ideas . . .

  •  Like us on Facebook
  • Talk about us on your blogs, Twitter and Facebook
  • Forward the website link to your friends
  • Write us a nice note about the book (you can send Jill a note with the “Ask Jill” box on the left)
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  • Send a quick email to your local newspaper or TV station
  • Bring a copy to your Pediatrician’s office during your next visit and encourage your Doctor to give copies away to each of their patients
  • Bring a copy to the next school or PTA meeting and encourage your school and PTA leaders to find a way to get copies for each student

Your comments can help sway other Moms to take notice and read a copy of the 400 Moms book.   Every letter, note, like or post helps get the word out and can drastically change a child’s life by getting a copy of the 400 Moms book into the hands of a Mom that cares.

Jill’s email is

  • The organization of this book is outstanding: it makes the book extremely useful! This can be your pocket guide for shopping… the author actually compared labels of hundreds of products, and those products are regular store items that most of us find/ shop for at regular stores. The same no frills is reflected in the very useful recipes, which are quick (very key for any busy mom!), and contain common, budget-friendly ingredients, no exotic, hard to find or pronounce products. In one word, while this book does not follow or set any fad trend, it is an amazing resource for any family. All families should cook and eat meals together. This book is a great tool for week-day family dinners, when you want to get that healthy bite to the table as quickly and easily and safely as possible, while still enjoying the whole process! Thanks, Jill West, the consumer now has a handy qualified dietary advice –it’s like going shopping or cooking with your friend dietitian, who can assist you with your choice: which desert should it be for tonight? That being said, while the book does not promote eating disorders by “forbidding” whole groups of foods or categories of products, it does make a strong point: “this is how we do things around here” –eat fruits and veggies and your kids will embrace them too. I grew up in a culture where fruits and veggies are the norm, so never once did it occur to my kid’s mind that you have the “choice” of opting out of the family’s menu!

    Anca Maria Cunningham, MS, RD

    Mom of two girls
  • I love how this book is so practical– it is designed to provide useful information parents without being overwhelming. The book guides parents through the steps of making wiser nutrition choices. Plus it is supportive in making the reader feel good about attempting to change (instead of making them feel guilty for what they are currently doing.) Great practical ideas and useful information about nutrition for families.

    Michele Long, MD

    Pediatrician and Mom
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  • Though the author says the book is intended to be a “ ‘Go-To’ Guide” or reference which does not have to be read straight through, and from which chapters may be read selectively, every chapter is well worth reading. The book makes a lot of sense, and flows well from beginning to end, in a friendly tone… She recognizes that most parents and kids today have very busy schedules, and meal preparation needs to be quick and easy! She lists “best picks and and worst picks”, giving parents and kids informed choices…I highly recommend it!

    Marcia Farrar

    Mom of 2 kids
  • "Love your book! It is my kitchen bible." -- Laura D.

    My Kitchen Bible

    Mom in CA
  • A practical guide for parents of kids of any age with clear descriptors of healthy choices and rationale for understanding eating. Taken from feedback from 400 nutrition experts there are options for busy working mothers like me to help me make smart choices that my kids will love to eat. It is an easy quick read and you can pick up and leave off anywhere at anytime. I even learned how to make some healthy choices for myself.

    Lee A., MD

    Pediatrician and mom
  • This is a fabulous, must-have and easy-to-read compilation of the WHY and HOW to feed your children healthy foods. Jill covers everything (and MORE!) that I figured out over 27 years of being a pediatrician-mom! You’ll find practical tips ranging from parenting pearls to quick kid-friendly healthy recipes to acceptable numbers on nutrition labels and beyond. Honestly, your kids will thank you later (mine already have!). Well worth your time!

    Caroline Chantry, MD

    Pediatrician and Mom, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, University of California, Davis
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  • Jill West provides practical, parent-friendly advice on improving the everyday feeding of your family. 400 Moms can be helpful for the new parent struggling with their toddler’s picky eating habits, the parent faced with the difficulties of feeding an overweight teen and for the parent dealing with the daily cooking of all kids in between.

    Sheila Allen, RN, PhD

    School Board Member and Mom of 3 kids
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  • I hope this book becomes a national best seller because Jill West has simple, practical ideas that will save our nation from the growing obesity rates. Importantly 400 Moms has realistic advice on how busy, on-the-go families can eat well and thus help their kids concentrate and perform well in school, sports and other activities. Better still, her ideas help the entire family create great eating habits to help all generations avoid some of the obesity pitfalls that I hadn’t stopped to realize. I use her B-E-S-T formula as my new approach to staying on track for my own eating and I find my teen uses it too.

    What I also appreciate is Jill West is willing to take a stand and point out the “worst” and the “best” brands of foods and provides easy-to-recall guidelines for shopping for a vast array of foods: yogurts, snack bars, cereals, sports drinks, etc.

    After reading this book (and marking about one third of the pages) I am feeding my family new foods they love and that are super fast to make/assemble. I feel confident I am teaching my family how to eat in ways that will serve them as they move out and on to college. I have also retrained myself using some of the 400 Moms advice. Buy this book then recommend it to everyone you know. It’s that good.

    Carolyn Casey

    Mom, Boise, ID
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