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Sample Chapter

The value of this book is to find out what 400 Nutrition Experts are feeding their own children and WHY.  

These 400 Nutrition Experts are Moms just like you, with the same challenges as Moms everywhere in deciding what to feed their children and dealing with the peer pressure their kids get from relentless advertising and other kids.  

Here is a sample of Chapter-9, which offers important insights into the types of beverages the 400 Nutrition Experts allow their children to drink . . .

MILK  –  77% give their kids 2 or more 8 oz servings of milk per day

WATER  –  87% give their kids 2 or more 8 oz servings of water per day

SODA  –  80% allow no more than 1 soda per week

JUICE  –  62% give their kids less than 4 oz of juice every other day

SPORTS DRINKS AND OTHER SWEETENED BEVERAGES –  73% allow their kids to have no more than 1 sports drink or other sweetened beverage per week

Jill goes on to give you more in-depth information on WHY the 400 Moms make these choices for their children.   If 77% of the Moms are giving their kids 2 servings (or more) of milk per day – what does that mean to YOUR kids?   Likewise, if 80% of Moms allow their kids to drink no more than 1 soda per week – what is their reasoning behind it?

Jill converts these simple statistics into meaningful knowledge and offers readers easy-to-implement action plans to help you take charge of your children’s nutritional health – reducing childhood obesity, reducing sick days, improving school performance, increasing sports success, increasing self-esteem and increasing your child’s quality of life well into adulthood.

Jill provides a few quick-glance charts that helps readers to instantly understand the ingredients in some of the beverages their children may be drinking.   Jill also researches other statistics and useful information – one of the best observations Jill makes in Chapter-9 is how soda consumption by kids and childhood obesity rates have climbed at nearly identical rates, while milk consumption has dropped significantly.

The Beverage Chapter is just one of 12-Chapters in this easy-to-read, 240-page book.   The book is designed so that busy Moms can pick it up and read a page or two quickly – it is written in a conversational style and is 100% non-clinical.   Other Chapters cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, dining out, fruits & veggies, and more.   This book opens the door to hundreds of practical tips, strategies and solutions for raising a healthy child.

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