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Superbowl Sunday Food Lineup

Superbowl Sunday can be a good excuse to overindulge or it can be a healthy celebration, depending on the food choices you make. Whether you are hosting the party or bringing a dish to share, these ideas can help make the party fun and healthy! Superbowl Sunday Menu Ideas Veggie & Hummus Tray—We all love […]

400 Moms Book Giveaway!

Well, I’m starting 2014 with a commitment to blog more regularly, and the first fun way I’m doing that is to team up with a friend and colleague, Julia Robarts, MS, RD  to do a fun book giveaway! Julia is the Mom of 3 kids, a Registered Dietitian and Foodie! In the early stages of […]

Tricks to Keep Halloween Healthy!

Moms often ask, “What is the best way to approach Halloween?” Kids, of course, can’t wait for all the treats, while Moms ask, “Do I just let them have all that junk or should I intervene?” I believe a combination of both is possible. Halloween is a great time to talk with your kids about […]

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